Easy Accordion For FAQ

Getting started with Easy Accordion For FAQ

Easy Accordion For FAQ add a Menu tab in WP Admin side with the name "Accordion FAQ" where you can add new FAQ and it's field. You can perform actions like edit, delete update.

Screen shows "Accordion FAQ" tab in the left side and All FAQ added

post-widgets This plugin work same like WordPress post section where you can add FAQ for online store, user Account General Question etc. in plugin just need to follow few steps.
  1. Go to "Accordion FAQ" Tab and click on Add New
  2. Add FAQ title, Add FAQ description, and publish
  3. If you want to display category wise then go to "Accordion FAQ -> Category" and create a category

Bellow screen shows how to add a FAQ

post-widgets If you want to display category wise then go to "Accordion FAQ -> Category" and select the shortcode.

Bellow screen show category shortcode


How to display and shortcode

The plugin contains one shortcode.

Here is the shortcode example:

[easy_faq] - General FAQ Shortcode

[easy_faq category="20"] – FAQ with Category Shortcode

You can also use template code.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[easy_faq]'); ?>

<?php echo do_shortcode('[easy_faq category="20"]'); ?>

Following are Accordion For FAQ Shortcode with all parameters:

  • Design Tempalte: [easy_faq tempalte="template-1"] there are 10+ Design template. Option is: template-1, template-2 upto template-11.
  • FAQ Limit:[easy_faq faq_limit="9"] (ie. how many show faq, limit default value is faq_limit=”-1″ for all FAQ, option: any number).
  • Category: [easy_faq category="20"] this parameter get FAQ according to category, 20 is category ID. Options: Any Category ID. find shortcode under Accordion Faq -> FAQ Category
  • Include child category: [easy_faq include_cat_child="false"]if show with all FAQ like all parent and child category. option: true/false
  • Category Name: [easy_faq category_name="Payment Refund"]show with category name on top. option: any title name.
  • Single open: [easy_faq single_open="false"]open default one FAQ when click to open. option: true/false.
  • Transition speed: [easy_faq transition_speed="500"]transition speed when click on FAQ. option: any number and speed in millisecond.
  • Icon position: [easy_faq icon_position="left"]you can set icon position. option: left/right).
  • Order: [easy_faq order="desc"]you can set icon position. option: left/right).
  • Orderby: [easy_faq orderby="ID"]you can change orderby. option: ‘none’,ID’,’author’,’title’,’name’,rand’,date’.
  • Posts: [easy_faq posts="5,7,18,24"]if you display fix FAQ like: option: faq post ID.
  • FAQ offset: [easy_faq faq_offset="3"]if display fix post. it mean’s Display posts from the 4th one.
  • Extra Class: [easy_faq extra_class="outer-wrap"] if need to customize with css set your own class. it mean’s change style using this parent class.