Recent post slider with widget

Getting started with Recent post slider with widget

Recent post slider with widget adds a Menu tab in WP Admin side with the name "Recent Posts Slider Help" where you get help and shortcode Generator for slider & Grid. You can perform actions like edit, delete update.

Screen shows "Recent post help" tab in the left side and All post added

post-widgets This plugin work same like WordPress Default post section where you can add Post title, post content and image. To add a new Post, follow few steps.
  1. Go to "Posts" Tab and click on Add New
  2. Add Post title, Add Post description, Fill Post and update.
  3. If you want to display category wise then go to " Easy Post -> Category" and create a category

Bellow screen shows how to add a Recent Post

post-widgets If you want to display category wise then go to "Post --> Category" and select the shortcode.

Bellow screen show category shortcode

How to Use shortcode

The plugin contains two shortcode.

Here is the shortcode example:

[rpsw_recent_slider] - For Post Slider Shortcode

[rpsw_recent_grid] – For Post Grid(Columns) Shortcode

You can also use template code.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[rpsw_recent_slider]'); ?>

<?php echo do_shortcode('[rpsw_recent_grid]'); ?>

Common Shortcode Paramaters for Grid And Slider:

[rpsw_recent_slider] [rpsw_recent_grid]
  • Design_Template: [template="template-1"] Set the design template for POST. Option: template-1, template-2, upto 5
  • Post_Limit: [limit="-1"] Set number of post on your website, default value is “-1” it mean all. Option: any number
  • Display_by_category [post_cat="category_ID"]Set multiple post by using category ID. Option: Category ID
  • Display_Fix_Post: [posts="posts_ID"] Display fix post using post ID Option: Post ID
  • Hide_Fix_Post: [hide_post="posts_ID"]hide fix post using post ID Option: Post ID
  • show_date: [show_date="false"]To display Post Date .Option: “true” OR “false”
  • show_Category_Name: [show_category_name="false"]To display Category Name .Option: “true” OR “false”
  • show_Content: [show_content="false"] To display Post Content .Option: “true” OR “false”
  • Content_Words_Limit: [content_words_limit="10"]To display Post Content Words limit .Option: 10, 50 any numeric
  • Post_Type: [post_type="custom_post_type"]set this with custom post type
  • taxonomy : [taxonomy="taxonomy_name"] set this with custom taxonomy type
  • Show_Author: [show_author="false"]To display Author name.Option: “true” OR “false”
  • Show_Read_More: [show_read_more="false"]To display Read More button. Option: “true” OR “false”

For are post Grid Shortcode with parameters:

  • grid: [rpsw_recent_grid grid="3"]To Set columns with Post Option of columns: 1,2,3,4,5,6.

For Slider Shortcode Paramaters:

  • Pagination_bullat: [rpsw_recent_slider bullat="false"]To display slider slide pagination bullets. Option: “true” OR “false”
  • Left_Right_Arrows: [rpsw_recent_slider arrows="false"]To display slider previous and next arrows. Option: “true” OR “false”
  • Autoplay: [rpsw_recent_slider autoplay="false"To move slide automatically in slider. Option: “true” OR “false”
  • Autoplay_interval: [rpsw_recent_slider autoplay_interval="1000"]To set interval time between two slide in Millisecond
  • Slide_speed: [rpsw_recent_slider speed="3000"]To set slider slide moving speed in Millisecond